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My name is Adam Detro

In my English class we have to make a website over some City, I chose my hometown Indianapolis, IN. Indianapolis is very different than the city of Grover's Corners in the play "Our Town." In the play, the town was boring and there was nothing to do. Indianapolis at first glance is a very dull place, but when you take a closer look and realize what's around, even the handrails downtown become fun!

This is the Canal, it is located in downtown Indianapolis. I usually only go to the canal for SOAPing purposes (pictured above), but there are many more enjoyable activities for everyone. I also enjoy just walking around the edge with my friends. To many people, the Canal may not seem that fun at first glance, but after spending time there you find it a very enjoyable place.

This is the Monument... I enjoy this place downtown as well. It has many stores surrounding it, and it's also fun just to walk around. When I go here, I just feel at peace and sit on the steps to the monument.

Sean's house! We practice Soaping here a lot, this is where we're free to try tricks and fall without the humiliation of people seeing us. We're also free to set the rail on fire and not worry about people yelling, unfortunately, I have no pics of that night.

This is Movies 8. I come here all the time to see movies because I'm too poor to go see them at the rich people movies. I try to see a movie every weekend, but lately I've been to caught up in summer-school work to go EVERY weekend.

This is Warren Central. This is where I go to school. I live about 30 seconds away... When I walk. I spend a lot of time here due to Marching Band, Drumline, and a few other activities. This is the place where Sean and I first tried SOAPing.

As you can see, Indianapolis has lots of things to do... mostly SOAPing. Other than that, Indy is pretty Boring

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Pictures by: Sean Fillenwarth, Adam Miller, and Adam Detro