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Welcome to my home town, Indianapolis.

Indianapolis, my home town, is a far cry from the town described in Thorton Wilder's Our Town. Unlike Gorver's corners, Indianapolis is a large city that confuses most people, and where most people have no clue of the name of their very own neighbors. Well, instead of me just talking the whole time let me show you a few sights of Indianapolis. I COULD take you for a tour of the old historic events and places in my town, but I feel that that would be too boring so instead I will show you some of the places that I love to soap the most.

First off I will take you to my old favorite place to soap, the canal in downtown Indianapolis. this place has rails galore that are always ready to be waxed up and slid down. This is by far the best place in indy to soap.

This is the place I soap the most, my house. Here is a picture of me on my practice rail I made. I have spent many hot and painful hours on this rail.

This is another part time soaping spot, Movies 8 the $1 movies. I soap here when entering and exiting the theater, it is great fun.

This is the local mall here on the east side of Indy, Washington Square. I do soap here occasionally, but not all that ofter. When I do soap here it is mostly when I am walking in or out of the mall.

This is the local Wal-Mart. A place I spend a lot of time at late at night. I do not soap here much, but I had a picture so I figured why not.

The picture of the monument
The top and bottom grafics

All pictures tricks and comments by Sean Fillenwarth, Adam Detro, or Adam Miller unless otherwise noted.
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