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By apply for any job at all you agree that Sean Fillenwarth will still be the only owner/webmaster for this site. This means that he has the right to kick you off the site staff at any point as long as there is a fair reason. He has the ability to allow you the right to edit the site and also has the right to deny you to be able to edit the site. He has the final word on what gets put on the site and what doesn't. He shall also be able to use any of the work you submit to him as long as your name is mentioned on the site as site staff, and will still be able to use it if you choose to quite the site staff, as long as your name is still on the site. While this is not a legal document you must agree to all of the terms stated. Sean plans on making this a wonderful experience for all who wish to help with the site, but he must set up guidelines for it to a successful journey. If you agree to ther terms please fill out the form below .

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What special abilities do you have?(no abilities necessary for some positions)