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Hi, welcome to the Northeast United Church of Christ Youth Group's home page. This site is growing even faster than I could have imagined. At first I was just planning on it being a site about our youth group, but I am now planning on adding resources so that it can be and effective site for youth to gather and talk. Because of this, the site will double as a site about our youth group, and a gathering place for youth. I have some pictures of the group in the pics area. I also have a link up top to the Church's site for you to see. There are also many other things to do here, so just surf around and tell me what you think. if you want to get ahold of me click here and I will reply as soon as possible. There will be a news place on this page for every time I update the site so stay tuned and check it out.

SITE STAFF NEEDED!!!           Sean Fillenwarth

If you know any html, javascript, can make banners, or just have some free time, I REALLY need help due to my limited free time, If you can help, please Email me.


News for 1/25/03                                                                            Sean Fillenwarth

Yet again I find myself working on this site. When I first began working on it i had such high hopes and dreams for it, but as I made it and the site improved(believe it or not this is improved) there still was a lack of interest. as I first began to work on it I knew nothing, and I had decided then I would wnter all of the code by hand and not use a program to help. this way i kew everything about this site and so i could truly be proud of it. but I am not so proud of it now. ther eis a violent lack of interest and feed back and I find this very discouraging, andI find myself wondering if i should just abandon this projest for good and move on. I would greatly appreciate some feed back on what whould make you guys come back here I will make one more attempt at revamping the site, and if there is no feedback I will shelf this project for good. email me with comments suggestions hate mail or anything to


News for 11/2/02                                                                            Sean Fillenwarth

Ok so I got on today and decided that we neede a message forum and a chat room that both didnt suck. This was no easy task. After searching for several hours I found both and put them on the site. didn't change anything else, c u soon.


News for 10/13/02                                                                            Sean Fillenwarth

Hello again its sean here, I know I haven't been on in a while but I was really busy, and there was a lack of interest for the site so I stopped working on it because I thought it was really bad. Then I got back on the other day and realized ti wasnt as bad as I remembered, so I have decided to start updating it again. I will continue to keep this site going as long as the interest is still there, so PLEASE send me feedback. I have not been able to be contacted for a while because my inbox was full, but have now changed email addresses so this should no linger be a problem. I have decided to take the members area in progress down because I do not feel that this is necessary. Woooohooooo we are listed on google and yahoo as of today, this should boost traffic a great deal, also I have changed the site address to a shorter one, It is the exact same site but a shorter address, it is . Thank you again for visiting the site and please come back soon.


News for 4/14/02                                                                            Sean Fillenwarth

Ok I finally got back on cause someone emailed me about an error, so I came in to fix it and realized that I may need or want to change a few things. I was originally going to make a flash link bar thing at the top but then my program exploded so I couldnt and i went to a website and got this one that I am using now, but it has a link back to their site. So if anyone knows how to / can make a title bar please Email me, and i will post all the submissions on the site and there will be a vote. also if anyone at all has any poems they want to be posted wheather religious or not please send them to me and i will put them up. Even though the members area is down right now you can still click here to sign up for the members area.


News for 4/14/02                                                                            Sean Fillenwarth

I obviously have added many new backgrounds to different areas of the site that i think are good. I am having HUGE problems with the layout of the site. My browser decided that for today it wanted everything to be really small and funny looking. I looked at the site using netscape, and it looked horrible. I am trying to fix this but I am not completely sure how. Yesterday the javascript code for the password box worked fine and today it wont work along with the javascript code that blocks right clicking, but works on all the other pages. For some reason it will not let me put and javascript codes on that page. I will attemp to fix this but I am not sure how long that will take. If you know a lot or even anything about javascript please Email me. Even though the members area is down right now you can still click here to sign up for the members area.


News for 4/06/02                                                                            Sean Fillenwarth

Ok I added the nifty buttons at the top, but there is a story to it. I went to make my own buttons but the thing I use to make flash was throwing a fit and wouldnt work so I went on the net to find some and I found these but because the are so wide I had take off the link to the church. It can be found in the links area but the other link had to be removed. The members area is slowly going up soooo... if you are interested please click here to sign up for the members area.


News for 4/03/02                                                                            Sean Fillenwarth

I have been getting emails from some people about the mistakes hall of fame and I accidently erased them so if you could send them again that would be great. Other than that and the addition of the new chat room not a whole lot has been going on. I also added a password protection to the members area, If you have registered you will be getting an email shortly from me. If you are interested please click here to sign up for the members area. I made the movie in the front page of the site and I hope you like it. One more thing that I added was the aol thing below here, if you click on the buttons you should be able to talk with me if I am online. I may be adding a few more things to the site and you just keep sending those suggestions.
OOOOOPPPSSS I accidentally erased our old counter so the new one is for starting on 3-30-02


News for 3/29/02                                                                            Sean Fillenwarth

The site will be changing greatly over the next week. I plan on at least starting if not finishing the members area. If you are interested please click here to sign up for the members area. I may be changing the background and I am adding a resource page. Please if you have any comments please let me know in one of the many ways on the site. I have also added a mistake catcher hall of fame. If you find any mistakes on the site and email them to me you will be put in the top 5 based on the number of mistakes found. OOOOOPPPSSS I accidentally erased our old counter so the new one is for starting on 3-30-02


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